Winter Clinic Information

Reminder...In order to participate in our clinics, the player must be registered for the 2022 Spring Intramural Season. Registrations will be accepted on-site at the clinics.

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EM Baseball Winter Clinics

Effective March 11th, the boys clinics have been restructured to accommodate the volume of expected participants.  **Note, the time slots change from week to week, so please be cognizant of the weekly schedule in advance.


March 11
Barnum Parkway
6:00 PM    9 year olds 6:30 PM    7 year olds
7:00 PM    10 year olds 7:30 PM    8 year olds
8:00 PM    11 year olds 8:30 PM    12+ year olds


March 18
Barnum Parkway
6:00 PM    9 year olds 6:30 PM    7 year olds
7:00 PM    10 year olds 7:30 PM    8 year olds
8:00 PM    12+ year olds 8:30 PM    11 year olds


March 25
Barnum Parkway
6:00 PM    9 year olds 6:30 PM    7 year olds
7:00 PM    11 year olds 7:30 PM    8 year olds
8:00 PM    12+ year olds 8:30 PM    10 year olds


April 01
Barnum Parkway
6:00 PM 10 year olds 6:30 PM 7 year olds
7:00 PM 11 year olds 7:30 PM 8 year olds
8:00 PM 12+ year olds 8:30 PM 9 year olds

Baseball fundamentals will be instructed by Bill O'Connor and Vinny Mascia. Bill was drafted by the Minnesotta Twins after being an NCAA All-American outfielder and setting numerous hitting records at Adelphi University.  Vinny Mascia has been a long standing coach for the East Meadow High School Varsity team.


EM Baseball Pitching Clinics

Boys Baseball - 2022 Pitching Clinic Schedule (Rookie 7 and 8 players only)  
Date Time  League Age Group School
 Fridays (2 Sessions): 4/8 & 4/29  6:00 pm to 7:30 pm   Rookie 7   Barnum Woods Gym
 7:45 pm to 9:15 pm  Rookie 8  Barnum Woods Gym

Pitching clinics will be instructed by Tyler Levine. Tyler is a former East Meadow Little League player and former Pitcher for the Long Island Ducks.


EM Girls Softball Winter Clinics

Ponytail Clinics 2022
Day Date Time Division Location
 Wednesday  4/6/22  5:30pm-7:00pm Ponytails (5&6)

Grieco Field

Please have players arrive by 5:15pm for a prompt 5:30pm start. 


Girls Softball - 2022 Winter Clinic Schedule    
Date Time League Age Group School
Wednesdays (5 Sessions): 1/26, 2/2, 2/9 & 2/16 - JUST ADDED 3/2 6:00pm - 6:40pm Farms (7 and 8) Barnum Woods Gym
6:40pm - 7:20pm Minors (9 and 10) Barnum Woods Gym
7:20pm - 8:00pm Majors (11 and 12) Barnum Woods Gym



EM Girls Softball Pitching Clinics - *Note: sessions to be assigned by GSB.


Please send an email to Mike Barnwell, with player's name, time slot requested (6:00pm-6:40pm, 6:40pm-7:20pm, or 7:20pm-8:00pm), and the player's age.

All player's must be registered to attend the clinics; registrations will be accepted at the door. Space is limited, please do not sign up if you are not going to utilize the time assigned and if you are not available on Monday evenings from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Note: For pitching clinics you MUST provide your own catcher. If the catcher is under 18, they must bring and wear proper catcher's equipment otherwise contact Mike Barnwell to make arrangements for equipment: a) All training is to be done with indoor softballs only, the clinics will provide the indoor softball and each player will sign for the ball and return at the end of each lesson. b)Pitching lessons are 40 minutes each session, please be there 15 minutes early to sign in and stretch.



Girls Softball - 2022 PITCHING Clinic Schedule  
Date Time Slot School
Mondays (5 Sessions): 1/24, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14 & 2/28 6:00pm - 6:40pm Barnum Woods Gym
6:40pm - 7:20pm Barnum Woods Gym
7:20pm - 8:00pm Barnum Woods Gym




SessionParticipants each Time Slot
Session 1
6:00pm - 6:40pm
 Viviana Frisch
 Noelle LoPorto   Mia Dhawan
 Madison Viveiros  Natalie Necci  Skye Wallace
 Charleigh Scali  Ella Cialione  
Session 2
6:40pm - 7:20pm
 Angelina Frisch
 Grace Moon  Addison Finn
 Ashlynn Finn
 Peyton Gorman  Olivia Salazar
 Kaitlyn Kearney    
Session 3
7:20pm - 8:00pm
 Ashley Kong
 Maria Campagnuolo  Sydney Monez
 Katie Smyle
 Analinda Moran  Zoey Rotolo
 Ayzula Wu  Juliana Whitehurst  







EM Senior League Training


2022 Schedule - See Boys/Senior League schedule above




EM Mini League Clinics - 2022

Tball Clinic will be one unified session held on Friday, 4/8/22 at 5:45pm on South Field.  Players should bring equipment bag and a beverage.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for the clinic to start promptly.