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♦ 2022 Spring Intramural Registration is in progress!! Hurry, registration ends January 31st!


FREE winter clinics are back!!  

As we look forward to the 2022 spring season, we are once again offering winter clinics free of charge. All you need is to have your child registered for the Spring 2022 intramural season to participate. If you have not registered yet, please do so ASAP. Online registration is available. It is the preferred and the most efficient method. Both online registration and the paper form to download is located down below. Copy of birth certificate is required for first time players with EMBSA. Show your active, non-retired military ID to receive our active military parent discount.

The full winter clinic schedule is located within the Menu under the Winter Clinics link. 
*Winter clinics for Little League will start Feb 4th, details will be available soon.
**Winter clinics for Senior League, Tball and Ponytail Divisions are TBA.


**League boundaries are in effect for Spring 2022**  


**Little League Age Determination is in effect for Spring 2022**

2022 Boys League Age Chart

2022 Girls League Age Chart


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Things to know about your spring intramural registration:

  • The Spring 2022 season is expected to start late March / early April, with the younger divisions (Kickball, Tball and Ponytails) to start later in April when the weather is warmer for the little ones.  Specific start dates are TBD. The season generally ends early June.
  • Divisions that draft teams (boys and girls 9U+) will occur in early March, while all other rosters formed by end of March.
  • Team schedule will be finalized shortly after registration ends as we will learn how many teams there will be. Schedule will be communicated by the team coaches. Practices are determined by each teams' coaches.
  • Do not delay to register. The sooner we know how many registered players there are for each division, the sooner we can determine the number of teams and create the schedule.
  • Once teams have been finalized, team coach will reach out to welcome you, generally via email. This will occur around last week of March / early April (a week later for the younger divisions as they start later). Be sure to check Junk folder as your email provider may direct it there.
  • Player uniforms for spring includes hat, shirt, pants and socks for the boys; shirt, pants and headband for the girls.  Kickball receives a kickball shirt. Player uniforms are handed out by the team coaches.
  • EMBSA gladly welcomes volunteers to help coach a team. If you are not sure your schedule is conducive to coaching a team, note that in your registration or speak to the respective League Director where they can pair you together with another coach to help run the team. Note that shortage of team coaches delays the start of the season and may cause overcrowding of team rosters.
  • Click here for League contacts.


Equipment needed by League:

Click for Mini League

Click for Little League/Senior League

Click for Girls Softball League 


Challenger Division:

The Little League Challenger Program is Little League’s adaptive baseball program for individuals with physical and intellectual challenges.

EMBSA offers a Challenger division and is lead by Lee Cook. For more information about our Challenger program or to register for the spring season, please contact Lee at:

Click here for Challenger division





EMBSA Bob Powell Maintenance Facility


On Monday, 11/15/21, EMBSA's field Crew Chief Bob Powell was presented and honored with the naming of the field maintenance garage after him. The extensive contribution of his time volunteering at EMBSA and his dedication to ensuring the fiields are maintained and ready for the children to play their games, day in and day out, year after year, has made a tremendous impact to the League. With gratitude and sincere appreciation, the maintenance building is now known as, EMBSA Bob Powell Maintenance Facility  Thank you Bob Powell!




 Tyler Sugrim

East Meadow Senior League congratulates Tyler Sugrim as Johns Hopkins University adds him as a walk on to their baseball team pitching roster.  Tyler started his young career with EMBSA playing T-ball, Little League, and Senior League.  Prior to attending Johns Hopkins in the fall of 2021, Tyler played on Michael Catalano's Williamsport and Mustangs travel team and was also a starting pitcher on the East Meadow High School Varsity baseball team. EMSL is proud of his accomplishments and wishes him success in his athletic and academic endeavors.  Way to go Tyler!





Fund Raiser Tickets Raffle Content Money Drive 3d Illustration Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 130315982.

2021 EMBSA 50/50 Fundraiser - Help Support Your League Campaign


East Meadow Baseball Softball Association ran a final drawing at the 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat event and the lucky winner was Richie Krug.  Richie generously purchased $100 in raffle tickets and then donated his winnings of $350 back to the Association. 

EMBSA thanks Richie as well as everyone who supported our League by participating in the 50/50 Fundraiser. Proceeds helps support the League keeping it running and looking beautiful.

If you or someone you know would like to make a charitable, tax deductible donation, or would like to be a sponsor for East Meadow Little League, please email us at:

Thank you for your support in helping us make this a terrific place for the children to play!





♦ Girls Softball Travel teams turn out for a night of fun and celebration of successes in the 2021 travel season.

Big thanks to the Executive Board and Girls Softball Board for their support and to Ms. Shannon Necci and everyone who helped coordinate making it a memorable night! EMBSA is extremely proud of our Fillies!! 





Congratulations to the East Meadow Girls Softball 12U Fillies Team as they are the


2021 USSA Boo Ya Tournament 12u Champs!!





Congratulations to the East Meadow Girls Softball 10U Fillies Team as they are the

2021 East Meadow Columbus Day Weekend Tournament 10U Champs!!

Way to Go Fillies!!!



Congratulations to the East Meadow Girls Softball 8U Fillies Team as they are the

2021 East Meadow Fall Classic Tournament 8U Runner Up!

Way to Go Fillies!






Congratulations to the East Meadow Girls Softball 10U Fillies Team as they are the

2021 Strong Island Tournament 10U Champs!!

Way to Go Fillies!!!




Congratulations to the East Meadow Girls Softball 12U Fillies Team as they are the

2021 East Meadow Summer Sizzle 12U Champs!!

Way to Go Fillies!!!






Congratulations to the East Meadow Girls Softball 8U Fillies Team as they are the

2021 East Meadow Summer Sizzle 8U Champs!!

Way to Go Fillies!!!



Fillies Softball face painting pride!!



Congratulations to the East Meadow Girls Softball 10U Fillies Team as they are the

2021 NYSA Champions!!

Way to Go Fillies!!!





Baseball Clipart - baseball1-little-league-clipart-899er2 - Classroom  Clipart


Our East Meadow Little League 12U team is:
The 2021 NY Section 4 East Champs!! Way to Go East Meadow Mustangs!!
We are very proud of the players and coaches!! 





Congratulations to the East Meadow 12U Team as they are the

2021 New York Boys Division District 32 Champions!!

Way to Go Mustangs!!!





Congratulations to the East Meadow Girls Softball 10U Team as they are the 

2021 New York 8-10 Girls Division District 32 Champions!!

Way to Go Fillies!!!






Congratulations to the East Meadow Girls Softball 8U Fillies Team as they are the 

2021 East Meadow Futures Tournament Runner up!

Way to Go Fillies!!



Congratulations to the East Meadow Senior League Pony Division 13U Team as they are

the Battle of the Towns Runner up!!



Congratulations to the East Meadow Senior League Pony Division 14U Team as they are

the Battle of the Towns Champions!




 Congratulations to Team Iliopoulos / Jerome as they are the 

2021 GSB Minors Division Champs!






 ♦ 2021 East Meadow Baseball  / Softball Association Teams


Girls Softball:  
 P1 Kahl P4 Geraghty
P2 Doelger / Mattia  P5 Rinella
P3 Tortora / Tracey P6 Flynn
MJ1 Moran/Barnwell MJ2 Lipack/Cronin
 MN1 LoPorto  MN3 Iliopoulos / Jerome
MN2 Necci  
F1 Barnwell F3 Barra
 F2 Lederer F4 Viveiros
Mini League:  
KB1 Krug KB5 Rinella
KB2 Frisch KB6 Hohl
KB3 Tortora KB7 Bank
KB4 Powell KB8 Reinhardt
TB101 Krug/Merkle TB106 Hohl
TB102 Naples/Esquierdo TB107 Whittier
TB103 Fefferman TB108 Pursino
TB104 Flynn TB109 Margaroli
TB105 Facendola  
Little League:  
LL1 Viveiros LL3 Cassano
LL2 Klepner LL4 Francis
LL11 Carretta LL14 Small
LL12 McBrien LL15 Sanderson
LL13 Brush LL16 Provitera
 LL31 Connolly  LL34 Reinhardt
LL32 Heyman  LL35 Sanderson
 LL33 Morosoff LL36 Smith
Senior League:  
Big League  
Mel Kong Mike Catalano
Frankie Destefano / Roger McQuillan  
Jason Newman/Matt Smith Alan Haber/Mitch Augustyn





 ♦ EMBSA gives thanks to the approved volunteers for 2021


With sincere gratitude for their time and commitment to the children of this great East Meadow community, East Meadow Baseball Softball Association gives thanks to the following approved volunteers for 2021:


Ackerman, Daniel Haber, Alan Newman, Jason
Alexander, Seth Halkitis, Mike Olivares, Edgard
Alfano, Frank Hanson, Erica Olson, Robert
Ambrosino, Christopher Hatter, Yousef Orenstein, April
Augustyn, Mitchel Hernandez, Orlando Palacio, Jorge
Aurigemma, Gregory Heyman, Corey Peyser, Blake
Bank, Howard Hohl, Charles Pinho-Resende, Bryanna
Barnwell, Michael Hohl, Karen Pinho-Resende, Maria
Barlone, Michael Huertas, Joseph Pollack, Harvey
Barra, Lawrence Iliopoulos, Thanasi Powell, Robert
Bartfield, Eric Jackson, Matthew Provitera, Paxton
Beiner, Michael Jacobs, Jason Pursino, Matthew
Berkowitz, Justin Jerome, Jacqueline Reinhardt, Jeffrey
Brush, Thomas Kahl, Amanda Resende, Ashley
Bruzgis, Maria Kamper, Kevin Resende, Edgar
Buckley, Jonathan Kearney, Michael Rinella, Brett
Calabro, Peter Kirby, Peter Rinella, Melody
Calderon, Luis Klepner, Daniel Robertson, Michelle
Carretta, Philip Koehler, Todd Ryan, Jim
Cassano, Victor Komis, Constantinos Sanderson, Kevin
Catalano, Mike Kong, Mel Scali, Edward
Clifford, Joanna Kummer, Ashley Scalzo, John
Cohen, Daniel Laino, Nicholas Schnickel, Robert
Cohen, Jason LaSala, Steve Schwabe, Raymond
Como. Matthew Lederer, Timothy Scibilia, Brian
Cona, Vincent Leon-Morgan, Lily Scott, Charles
Connolly, Edward Levinsohn, Norm Seltzer, Matthew
Cook Lee Lipack Matthew Serpico, Michael
Cronin, William Lipovec, Antonio Shepherd, Ivennia
Dantuono, Michael Loar, Michael Small, Carl
Doelger, Christopher Lodato, Michael Smith, Matthew
Dombrosky Sr, Sylvester Loporto, Mark Smyle, Wayne
Dowling, Daniel Luciano, Geormari Sputo, Daniel
Eaton, Richard Marascia, Daniel Suarez, Michael
Esquierdo, Christopher Margaroli, Steve Summers, Hope
Facendola, Giovanni Mattia, Robert Sutz, Eric
Fefferman, Brian Martin, James Taffel, Jeremy
Fefferman, Eric Mazzarella, James Tauber, Richard
Fefferman, Heather McBrien, William Teemsma, Chris
Ferdinand, Richard McShane, Kevin Tejeda, Samuel
Fitzgerald, Kevin Melnick, Matthew Tortora, Jonathon
Flynn, Sean Meoli, Richard Tortora, Toni
Francis, Matthew Merendino, Russell Tracey, Daniel
Frisch, Benjamin Mocharski, Robert Viveiros, Peter
Gailing, David Moran, Timothy Wakely, Robert
Gallo, Anthony Morosoff, Alexander Webman, Jeremy
Genovese, Stephanie Morosoff, David Whittier, Richard
Geraghty, Melinda Mui, Kyle Williams, Jessie
Geraghty Jr, Thomas Naples, Michael Wind, Mickey
Goldstein, Steven Necci, Benjamin Wood, Michael
Gorman, Jason Necci, Shannon Wu, Chien
Last update: September 21, 2021    


You too can be a Volunteer: 

 Volunteer background checks - Send email to: 

All those who would like to volunteer must complete a 2021 Volunteer background check. Background check is an annual requirement.

If you are unsure if you are on the approved list, please contact your respective Player Agent or League Director.

"Be aware that background checks which are done by, or required by, landlords or property owners do not satisfy the regulation. Also, other city, county, or state background checks do not meet the regulation. It is mandatory that the local league do its own background checks on all the required individual such as, but not limited to, team managers, coaches, additional practice coaches, board members, umpires, or other volunteer, or hired workers who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams."





USA Baseball Bat Standard

As of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard was implemented. USABat Standard bats must be used in the Little League Major Baseball Division and below. Either USABat Standard bats or BBCOR bats must be used at the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball and Junior League Baseball Divisions. At the Senior League Baseball Division, all bats must be meet the BBCOR standard. Little League-approved baseball bats that were approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity as of January 1, 2018. For more information on the USABat standard and a complete list of bats approved through the USABat Standard, visit


For more information, please click on the useful links below